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Have you always wanted to be a writer and not known how to start? Have you always been confused about transforming your ideas into full-fledged pieces of writing?
Join award-winning blogger and best-selling author Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s online courses for Creative Writing.

Crafted with detailed notes on the elements of writing, each week of the course will leave you better informed about the essential aspects of the craft. But this is not just about reading. At the end of each week, you will be asked to write a customized assignment that Shweta will provide detailed comments on to help you write better.
Each week also includes email feedback on the completed assignment.  

The courses are entirely online and via email all you need to complete them is an internet connection, a device you like to type on and the dream of becoming a better writer. The course is designed in a way to allow those with full-time professional and personal commitments to be able to pursue their passion for writing with minimal disruption to their schedule. All you will need is the time to read through the weekly material and the time to work on your weekly assignment. 


At the end of the workshop, your final piece will be published in under the 'Featured Writer' category in ‘Inkspire’, a popular e-journal that showcases new and upcoming Indian Writing.

Online Creative Non-Fiction Writing Course for Beginners

Duration: 6 weeks
Price: 75 USD / 6200 INR

If you are an aspiring writer who would like to know more about the art of interviews, travel writing, book reviews, memoirs and more, then this is the course for you. Over the course of six weeks, Shweta will take you through the essentials of creative non-fiction.

 Click here for the Weekly breakdown and Application details 

Online Creative Fiction Writing Course for Beginners

Duration: 6 weeks
Price: 75 USD /6200 INR

If you dream of crafting a short story, a collection of short stories, a novella or a novel, then this is the course for you. Shweta takes you through the fundamentals of creating a piece of fiction and helps you dive right in, with the promise of establishing the habit of sitting down to write by the end of it.

 Click here for the Weekly Breakdown and Application details


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