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Awarded the Prestigious Laadli Media Award by UNFPA initiative Population First
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Featured in 'The Hindu' 

​Shweta Ganesh Kumar's debut novel, Coming up on the Show: The Travails of a News Trainee told the story of Indian broadcast journalism through the eyes of a fresh-out-of-college girl, and quickly made its way to the Landmark Bestseller's List last year. Her second book, an epilogue to the first and the second in the trilogy is being launched in May. In this freewheeling chat she talks about Indian journalism, at large and her writing.

Featured in the BBC Worldwide Service's Award-winning Show, 'Conversations' to talk about online parenting communities and Indian Mom Blogging
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Interviewed by Manorama News and featured on Pen Peruma

Featured in Education Insider - Asia's largest circulated Education Magazine 


There was a time when the news world excited the 27-year-old Shweta Ganesh Kumar, a journalist-turned-writer and author of Between the Headlines, which was released last month. The Fourth Estate’s unrestrained power to transform the society through its sustained focus on promotion of humanitarian missions and other noble initiatives had inspired her to pursue her interest in developmental journalism.