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Online Creative Fiction Writing Workshop for Beginners

Duration: 6 weeks
Introductory Price: 75 U
SD /6200 INR

If you dream of crafting a short story, a collection of short stories, a novella or a novel, then this is the course for you. Shweta takes you through the fundamentals of creating a piece of fiction and helps you dive right in, with the promise of establishing the habit of sitting down to write by the end of it.

Weekly Breakdown

The intricacies of ‘Setting’
The art of ‘Plotting’
Developing memorable ‘Characters’
Using ‘Dialogue’ to your advantage
Making your story a textured, ‘Sensory experience’
Polishing your story through ‘Editing’


Every week will include an assignment that Shweta give you constructive feedback on to help you grow as a writer.
Each week will also include detailed constructive feedback on the completed assignment. This will be sent via email so that you can keep track of your progress.

The final piece will be published in Inkspire. 

Apply now

Thank you for applying to Shweta's Writing Workshop! 

Fiction Writer Arathi Unni  
"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I found it very helpful; while writing is supposed to be a creative activity, your sessions gave me a lot of perspective on how to pen things down better without template-ising them. I now keep these lessons in my mind every time I write something and it helps me in unpacking and laying down my thoughts better."


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