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Online Creative Non-Fiction Writing Course for Beginners

Duration: 6 weeks
Introductory Price: 75
USD /6200 INR

If you are an aspiring writer who would like to know more about the art of interviews, travel writing, book reviews, memoirs and more, then this is the course for you. Over the course of six weeks, Shweta will take you through the essentials of creative non-fiction.

Weekly breakdown

An introduction to some of the forms of creative non-fiction
Mining ideas and doing your research
The art of storytelling when your story is factual
The art of travel writing
The basics of pitching a piece
Figuring out writer’s block and ways to keep persisting

Every week will include an assignment that Shweta give you constructive feedback on to help you grow as a writer.
Each week will also include detailed constructive feedback on the completed assignment. This will be sent via email so that you can keep track of your progress.
The final piece will be published in Inkspire. 


Apply Now! 

Thank you for applying for Shweta's writing workshop. 


Smruthi Thota 
"I found a great mentor in you, who always understood the chagrins of a working mother. Thank you for your constructive feedback. I thank you for instilling a writer's discipline in me. 


Swathi Chakravarthy 
"I enrolled in this workshop hoping to write better to trust myself to write out loud. Shweta was so inspiring in terms of her comments to my write-ups and her encouragement to do better. My curiosity surged to find out what the next assignment was, when an email popped up every week. Overall, it was a holistic workshop -  covering the basics of non-fiction writing, pushing me to write out of my comfort zone and also throwing light on topics that might seem trivial but carry utmost weight."


Shreya Shetty
The workshop has definitely helped me understand the fundamentals of each genre and how to approach and go about them. For someone who randomly started writing, it has given me more clarity and direction. Also, your valuable feedback has thrown light on things I need to work on and improve. Thank you for your support! You truly are an inspiration both as an amazing individual and as an impeccable writer. 


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