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The Tiffin Gang 

Meenu dislikes tiffin time because Amma always gives her idlis. But what do her classmates bring for lunch. Meenu decides to peek into their boxes and find out.

Published by Pratham Books.
Available online and in bookstores across India. 

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‘Life could be Verse’ is a short collection of poems that cannot be neatly woven together with specific threads and themes, just like life itself.
In the same way that life takes us by surprise at every turn, making us feel deeply or recoil, making us engage or walk away, making us passersby or survivors, this collection too is about a series of experiences, sometimes the poet’s own and sometimes imagined, giving the reader a snippet from the rich yet messy tapestry of the multitudes of lives that surround us. 

Unlike life though, this collection is in verse. 



Between the Headlines follows the 25-year-old's life and the clash between her idealism.  The characters in the book are fictional but the ‘travails' are true
---The Hindu

A realistic story woven through a fictional plot and it sheds light on the invisible side of journalism.
---The New Indian Express



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The Beginner’s Guide to the Indian Mom Blogging Universe is for those Indian Moms who want to make sense of the crowded Indian blogosphere. Whether you have already been blogging for a couple of years or if you are still trying to figure out how to publish your first post, this book gives you the A-B-Cs of how to start, how to get the word out there, how to incorporate SEO and more. The book guides you through the initial processes and helps you figure out the kind of blogger you need to be and

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